The Yoga Adventure vision came to Taialofa in 2002 during meditation. She describes her mind that evening as clear as a lake and the vision of her dharma as clear. At this time Taialofa was teaching yoga full time and had traveled to more than 20 countries. She was raised in a yoga lifestyle, which was full of outdoor adventures and every summer growing up was spent camping, hiking, canoeing in the USA and Canada National Parks. Upon reflection, it seem a natural evolution that she would have a healthy lifestyle yoga center and adventure company. She saw Alofa Yoga being created for the purpose of giving people the experience of how to live true and peacefully amidst the modern world of stresses and too much intake. In the modern world, to relax the nervous system, to live eating clean and with optimum health is the inspiration one gets on a retreat, an adventure, or in a class with Taialofa.
In 2003 Taialofa traveled to India for her second time and studied at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala. She met with Amma, a great woman, saint of India, who serves millions of people. Taialofa taught numerous yoga classes in India and lead their first Yoga Adventure Retreat through Kerala, thereby laying the groundwork for Alofa Yoga adventure tours, in the birthplace of yoga.
In 2004, Taialofa arrived in Samoa on a boat with only a backpack a laptop and her dreams. It was a full moon and Taialofa’s 29th birthday. This was the first time she had been in Samoa on her birthday since she was born. By the end of her first week in Samoa, Taialofa was asked to teach her first yoga class. Kevin, who was in the class, saw a huge rainbow directly over her head as she taught. An auspicious sign that yoga would work in Samoa, and so the hard work began. Taialofa took local buses to teach classes she made her way slowly but surely to having full classes. She held fast to their dream of teaching yoga in Samoa and worldwide. Throughout the first year, guests from overseas came to stay with them for yoga lifestyle makeovers and retreats. This encouraged the vision to include a retreat center. One of their guests was Taialofa’s brother, Bryan Russell, who came to Samoa to assist her on a yoga retreat and helped create her first e-newsletter in December of 2004.
In 2005, the groundwork was completed for the Yoga Adventure Travel aspect of the vision. She spent the next years leading people on extraordinary yoga retreats that include positive interaction with the people and local culture of Samoa. In 2007, Taialofa’s yoga company was voted one of the top 5 adventure companies in the world, thanks to their eco friendly and culturally sensitive practices along with her expertly guided yoga.
In June 2009, Taialofa gave birth to twin boys in Samoa. She saw this as the greatest blessing of her life and the boys now share and inspire her yoga life. In 2011, Taialofa had another son and moved to Fiji to focus on raising her growing family. Her husband is the climate change advisor for the United Nations Development Program.
In 2015, Taialofa is now teaching yoga in Fiji. Her expertise is training athletes in meditation and yoga, leading retreats, and yoga trainings.
In 2010 on 10 gorgeous acres of land that include sacred banyans trees and views of the ocean, she began preparing the land for construction of an Eco-Luxury Yoga Retreat, all for more health, peace and love for the planet.
The sense of community you get from being involved in Alofa Yoga is contagious. Taialofa is uniquely positive, uplifting, and intuitive. The mission of health and peace on earth, one person at a time, has taken off. Nature and clean living is the foundation through the science of Yoga. Thank you kindly for reading about what we offer and we will be excited to have you on one of our transformational yoga retreats, trainings, or classes. Namaste.