“Yoga with Taialofa is a gift of kindness, love and oneness in the spirit of yoga. She brings life to everything and we are fortunate to have this time studying and practicing yoga with an exceptional teacher, friend and guide.”

– Kim McNeil

What can I expect from an individual private yoga session?

Sessions usually begin with a guided meditation to bring the mind into balance. You are gently guided in techniques to come home to your body. There will be dialogue between you and Taialofa about challenges that you have and/or what you would like to focus on. She will help you to release any stagnant energy in your body and mind by leading you through postures that encourage relaxation and healing of the body, mind, and spirit.

Elements of a session

Each session is personalized to meet you where you are at when you arrive both mentally and physically. You will be taken forward on your evolutionary path through the following techniques within yoga and meditation.

Placing an intention
You may wish to talk about your ultimate wishes for your life. By placing an intention we will help these goals and dreams to come true. Action follows thought so we start with the intention and thought to then bring on the action it takes to achieve the evolution we crave.

Body Scan
Bringing your awareness onto one body part at a time you will notice where the tensions are held. This is a powerful technique used to sense stagnant energy and blockages and to be able to point you in the direction you need to go to create more flow and ease throughout the body.

You may wish to engage in a dialogue with Taialofa as you proceed through the postures or you may wish to be silent. That is up to you and your needs. Dialoguing is often a useful tool in that we can reflect and see what is on our minds as we work our bodies. Often thoughts will arise as we open the body.

Breath work
Guided breathing exercises (Pranayama) encourage your focus to be solely on your life-force and on creating space within. You will practice one pointed focus and the breath will calm the body. Proper breathing is one way to be in touch with how we are doing.

Supported Postures
Taialofa will assist you through a serious of asanas to suit your needs. This will feel relaxing and help you to open into postures that may otherwise feel stiff. We may work your edge of strength and flexibility with gentle ease.

At the end of your session you will experience a guided relaxation to allow for all the good work of the session to integrate into the body and mind while you release all effort. It is an enjoyable time of quiet and tranquil peace.

We come back up to Sukasana (seated posture) and you reflect on the session and receive a written page of suggested work to do daily or when you feel you have the time to ensure great results of your placed intentions and goals that suit you.

Bring new ways of being into your daily life
You are equipped with fresh ways to make your daily life flow with more peace and joy using the postures flows learned in the session.

How will I feel after the session?

Most people feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Many also feel a sense of well being and hope. Try and have time set aside after your session to reflect or take a nap or to relax. It is important to notice any new thoughts or feelings that arose and to honor those as you see best. Be gentle with yourself as change takes time, but with daily practice it is exciting to see the shifts that can happen within, and the space that can be created for more joy in your life!

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