We have used Vastu (similar to ancient Feng Shui, Vastu comes from India, is the science of how to optimize flow, and I describe it as yoga for buildings) to draw up our design for the Eco Luxury Yoga Retreat. Our retreats provide the perfect balance of Yoga and Samoa. We live yoga and Taialofa was born in Samoa. With 20 acres of rainforest land, located in Samoa at 1700 feet, enjoy panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean.

For Yoga, the plan is to offer world class teachers and time with us is a healthy vacation alternative that includes healthy meals, yoga classes, and the opportunity to relax and focus on the simple joys of life, nature, and meditation.

For Samoa, we offer traditional village umu cooking, village walks through the plantations, coconut scraping, delicious cocoa drinking (from the tree to the cup!), as well as the best of the rainforest with the sacred banyan trees, bird life, giant ferns, waterfalls, and the magic of the entire ecosystem.

We will be the only place in Samoa that combines all this in one place. We are approaching things from both sides, trying to share Samoan culture with health conscious visitors, and also trying to share healthier lifestyles with the Samoan people in surrounding communities.

The Retreat

With a yoga space overlooking the ocean and traditionally inspired fales to sleep in, walking trails with endemic plants to get to know, and banyan trees to meditate under and climb, you will be inspired to be at peace and truly rejuvenate. We are selectively clearing the area for the buildings and to have the views of the ocean.  We are selecting trees that the Samoans typically consider as undesirable trees, and we will landscape with traditional flowers in a way that I describe as Polynesian Zen.